• And Then Came Clothing and Speech Mark Roberts discusses why was Europe colonised by hominids half a million years ago. Published in the Journal of British Archaeology in 1996.
  • Bradshaw Foundation: Ice Age Art Article on the figurines and sculptures of prehistoric Europe during the Upper Palaeolithic prehistory era.
  • From Art and Tools Came Human Origins Larry Barham reports in British Archaeology that evidence of modern human behaviour 200,000 years old may have been found in Africa.
  • Global Land Environments during the last 130,000 Years A description of climatic conditions during the Paleolithic.
  • Ice Ages A guide to the climatic changes that occurred during the Paleolithic.
  • In This Dark Cavern Thy Burying Place An article by Andrew Chamberlain from British Archaeology discussing Paleolithic mortuary practices in Great Britain.
  • Old Stone Age Shannon McPherron (University of North Carolina, Greensboro) and Harold Dibble (University of Pennsylvania) report on research at several sites in Europe and Abydos in Egypt.
  • Paleolithic The Paleolithic (US spelling; British spelling: Palaeolithic) Age, Era or Period is a prehistoric period of human history distinguished by the development of the most primitive stone tools discovered (Grahame Clark's Modes I and II), and covers roughly 99
  • Pleistocene Mammals A image gallery of megafauna on display at the Russian Paleontological Institute.
  • Reflections on the Style-Function Debate Summary of the style-versus-function debate regarding Paleolithic stone tools. Includes references.
  • Struggling artists of the Ice Age An article that argues that Paleolithic cave art is a depiction of human and animal relationships in prehistory.